The Jewish Intellectual Tradition with Dr. Alan Kadish

By Miami Beach JCC (other events)

Tuesday, March 23 2021 7:00 PM 8:00 PM EDT

The Jewish intellectual tradition has a long and complex history that has resulted in significant and influential works of scholarship. In this book, the authors suggest that there is a series of common principles that can be extracted from the Jewish intellectual tradition that have broad, even life-changing, implications for individual and societal achievement. These principles include respect for tradition while encouraging independent, often disruptive thinking; a precise system of logical reasoning in pursuit of the truth; universal education continuing through adulthood; and living a purposeful life. The main objective of this book is to understand the historical development of these principles and to demonstrate how applying them judiciously can lead to greater intellectual productivity, a more fulfilling existence, and a more advanced society.

Alan Kadish, M.D. is President of Touro College and University System, the largest Jewish-sponsored educational institution in the United States. An accomplished and prolific research scientist as well, he has published over 250 peer-reviewed papers, received numerous grants, including from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, and contributed to several textbooks.